Gilles Marin

Zet al vast in je agenda.

Gilles Marin is het neusje van de zalm als het gaat om Chi Nei Tsang. Maar onbekender is dat zijn vermenging van de vijf energetische fasen ( in de Healing Tao “Fusie” genoemd) fenomenaal is. Iedereen kan deelnemen en komt zo gecentreerd en diep geheeld dicht bij zichzelf. Thuiskomen in jezelf.


Dit is wat Gilles er zelf over schrijft:

Yes, I would be glad to teach a combination of Tao of Consciousness class with a Human Potential Fusion meditation in Netherland.  I have to call it differently than Mantak Chia as he does not teach it that way any longer, but it is still into the pure Taoist tradition of the White Cloud Temple of working with the Five Elemental Forces of Nature and the Heavenly Cycle (Microcosmic Orbit) from the perspective of healing and the evolution of human consciousness.

I believe that a two day class would be much too short for both people who already took classes with Master Chia and absolute beginners. Five days would be much easier for people to learn how to juggle with their five intelligences and acquire mental space for mental clarity, emotional solidity, spiritual guidance and peace of mind while establishing emotional processing with the Fusion meditation.  This is some work that took people spending life times in monasteries to refine such meditation formulas.


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